California Blackeye Bean

Southern California Blackeye Bean

California Blackeye Bean –

‘Vigna unguiculata’

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TheĀ  Southern Cowpea California Blackeye Bean # 5, ‘Vigna unguiculata’, is the most popular southern pea. The large, smooth seed is mostly eaten fresh, but they can also be dried, or the pods can be eaten whole when they are young.

Technically a bean, Southern Peas grow in conditions similar to or slightly warmer and more humid than snap beans. They are very high in protein, low in fat, and high in vitamin B1.

The plants are upright and semi-spreading with 6 to 12 inch pods produced at the top of the plant.

The California Blackeye # 5 has medium to large cream colored seed with a “black-eye”.

For fresh tasty black-eyed peas, shell seeds out of pod when pod is green or is just barely turning yellow.

For dried beans, wait until the pod has turned yellow and other colors and beans are then dry.

California Blackeye Bean Planting instructions:

  • Plant 1 to 2 weeks after the last average frost date.
  • Southern peas prefer deep, sandy, and well drained soil.

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Vigna unguiculata

Southern Cowpea

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