White Dixie Baby Lima Bean

The Bean Bush Baby Lima White Dixie Butter, ‘Phaseolus lunatus’, has white, small “baby” lima beans that have a delicious flavor and mature earlier than most limas.

Bush Contender Snap Bean

The Bush Contender Snap Bean, ‘Phaseolus vulgaris’, is the earliest bean we could find. The Contender is tasty, stringless, and it takes only 40 days from sowing to harvest.

Broad Windsor Fava Bean

The Bean Broad Fava Windsor, ‘Vicia faba’, is Mediterranean heirloom with a delectable nutty/pea flavor and has been enjoyed buy Europeans for centuries.

California Blackeye Bean

The  Southern Cowpea California Blackeye Bean # 5, ‘Vigna unguiculata’, is the most popular southern pea. The large, smooth seed is mostly eaten fresh, but they can also be dried, or the pods can be eaten whole when they are young.

Bush bean Blue Lake 274

The Bean Bush Snap Blue Lake 274, ‘Phaseolus vulgaris’, is an old time favorite with exceptional Blue Lake flavor. It is noted for retaining excellent flavor and texture as a frozen bean.

Bush Bean Montpellier French

The Bean Bush Montpellier French, ‘Phaseolus vulgaris’, is a true gourmet French “filet” bean. It is featured in upscale French markets because of its exquisitely tender and delicate taste.

Pencil Pod Bush Bean

The Pencil Pod Bush Bean, ‘Phaseolus vulgaris’, is a very adaptable wax bean that will grow anywhere in the country.

Purple Queen Bush Bean

The Purple Queen Bush Bean is eaten pod and all and is one of those vegetables like tomatoes that taste significantly better grown at home rather than bought at a grocery store.

Blue Lake Pole Bean

The Blue Lake Pole Bean, ‘Phaseolus vulgaris’, is an old favorite and has a beany, sweet flavor and they are fiberless and meaty.

Scarlet Emperor Pole Bean

The Scarlet Emperpr Pole Been, ‘Phaseolus coccineus’, has large sprays of brilliant rich, red flowers that contrast against deep green foliage.

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Bean Bush – Snap – Montpellier French
Bean Bush – Snap – Pencil Pod
Bean Bush – Snap – Purple Queen
Bean Pole – Blue Lake
Bean Pole – Runner – Scarlet Emperor
Bean Pole – Snap – Kentucky Blue
Bean Pole – Snap – Romano
Bean Pole – Snap – Yard Long