Napolitano Basil

Basil Napoletano, 'Ocimum basilicum'

Napolitano Basil

‘Ocimum basilicum’

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Napolitano Basil, ‘Ocimum basilicum’, is a great choice for eating fresh. The tender leaves have a  mild sweet flavor.

There smell of basil is some times considered “the smell of summer”.

Napolitano Basil is one of the more useful herbs and it is very fragrant when fresh or dried.

Napolitano Basil is a good “all purpose basil” and it has very few pests.

Basil is used in most Italian foods such as pesto and pasta sauces and Napoletano Basil is one of the best choices for the classic “taste of Italy” when preparing these dishes.

Fresh Napoletano Basil makes a nice tea, an excellent vinegar, and goes great with with fish, poultry, rice, mild vegetables, eggplant and many other dishes.  Basil should be considered much more then “just an Italian cooking herb”.

Napolitano Basil Planting instructions:

  • Plant 1 to 2 weeks after the last average frost date.
  • Place the Basil seeds in well drained soil with lots of organic matter.

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Napolitano Basil

Ocimum basilicum

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