Spicy Globe Greek Basil

Spicy Globe Greek Basil

Spicy Globe Greek Basil –

‘Ocimum basilicum minimum’

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Spicy Globe Greek Basil, ‘Ocimum basilicum minimum’, is a basil lover’s treat.

The strong, spicy, basil flavor is a compliment to any tomato dish. The small, mounding plant is excellent for containers.

Now anyone can grow basil, even if your garden is only in containers.

This small-leaved, 12 inch in diameter, 6 inch tall mounded basil doesn’t give up anything to the other basils in flavor.

It has a very strong basil taste and fragrance that makes a little go along way.

Basil is used in so many foods, it is hard to mention them all.

It is used in Italian foods and pesto and pasta sauces.

Fresh Greek Spicy Globe Basil makes excellent vinegar, and tastes great fresh with fish, poultry, rice, mild vegetables, eggplant and many others.

Spicy Globe Greek Basil Planting instructions:

  • Great as an edging plant in a flower bed or herb garden.
  • Plant 1 to 2 weeks after the last average frost date.
  • Place the Basil seeds in well drained soil with lots of organic matter.
  • Grows well in containers.

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Spicy Globe Greek Basil

Ocimum basilicum minimum

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