Cinnamon Basil

The Basil Cinnamon, ‘Ocimum basilicum’, has very attractive violet stems and veining with lavender flowers

Genovese Basil

The Basil Genovese Italian, ‘Ocimum basilicum’, is widely grown in Italy. Genovese basil has a strong basil flavor and aroma and is a favorite for pesto

Ocimum basilicum minimum

Greek Mini Basil

The Basil Greek Mini Yevani, ‘Ocimum basilicum minimum’, is a basil lover’s treat. Yevani has a strong, spicy basil fla

Italian Large leaf Basil

Italian Large Leaf Basil

The Basil Italian Large Leaf, ‘Ocimum basilicum’, is a sweet basil that is particularly good for pesto and is also excellent for fresh us

Lemon Basil

Lemon Basil

The Basil Lemon, ‘Ocimum basilicum citriodorum’, has a strong lemon fragrance that makes this basil excellent for vinegars, salad dressing, fish dishes, and salads

Lime Basil

The Basil Lime, ‘Ocimum basilicum americanum’, combines the flavor of basil and lime that gives you and unusual, dramatic, tasty basil.

Napolitano Basil

Napoletano Basil

The Basil Napoletano, ‘Ocimum basilicum’, is one of the best basils available for eating fresh. The tender leaves are mild, sweet and..

Red Rubin Basil

Red Rubin Basil

The Basil Red Rubin, ‘Ocimum basilicum “Purpurascens’, has rich, dark purple leaves that are an exciting contrast in salads, pasta dishes, vinegar, and as an ornamental in the garden.

Siam Queen Basil

Siam Queen Basil

The Basil Thai Siam Queen, ‘Ocimum basilicum citriodorum’, is a 1997 All America Selection. The Siam Queen has a delicious sweet and spicy flavor.

Spicy Globe Greek Basil

The Basil Greek Spicy Globe, ‘Ocimum basilicum minimum’, is a basil lover’s treat. Its strong, spicy, basil flavor is a compliment to any tomato dish.